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The Feast Day of St Francis

Submitted by Andrew Chandler on Sunday October 3 2021.

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The Feast Day of St Francis

St Francis

The Feast Day of St Francis celebrates his role as the patron saint of Ecology. However, the ministry of St Francis had a much wider focus on fostering our relationship with God, each other and the whole of creation.

"Franciscan existence is an immense space where God, man and the world of nature harmoniously find their place."

For St Francis all men are brothers, rich and poor, saints and sinners, brigands and prisoners and non-Christians."

In a time when medieval Christianity armed itself in a crusade against its enemies, St Francis educated his friars with a missionary spirit to evangelize the world and bring Christ's message of love peace and goodness.

St Peters, along with other churches around the world, celebrates the Feast Day of St Francis with a Pet Service because of his love of animals. Our pets are much loved members of our families and enrich our lives in so many ways and bringing your pet to the service to be blessed is a way of acknowledging that.

As followers of Christ, we have a duty to love and care for not only our fellow man but all creatures which are part of God's creation.

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