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Sunday February 5 Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Notices Opening Hymn: Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise Sentence of the Day Collect of the Day Lesson: Isaiah 58:1-9a

Feasts, Saints and other Holy Days

St Anskar (Ansgar) - February 3 Archbishop of Hamburg, Missionary to Denmark and Sweden Anskar, also known by his Latin name Ansgarius, was born in 801 near Amiens. He was educated and professed as a monk in the ne

Daily Office

Sunday February 5 - Morning Sunday February 5 - Evening How to pray the Daily Office using the New Zealand Prayerbook

Last Sunday

Sunday January 29 Fourth Sunday of the Epiphany Notices Opening Hymn: All Hail The Power Sentence of the Day Collect of the Day Lesson: Micah 6:1-8 Epistle: 1

Past Sermons

The sermons below are those preached in the church year commencing on Sunday November 27 2022. These are archived at the end of the liturgical year or sooner if the server runs out of space. If that is the case you can request a copy by emailing stpeterspn@gmail.com. If you are intending to use the content for your own sermons, papers or assignm

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